Review of Ing. Raul Rogelio Lardone

From my first steps I was linked to the mechanical activity in the repair shop of my father, Pedro Rogelio Lardone, in the small town of Santa Eufemia, Province of Córdoba, Argentina. In 1975 I obtained the degree of Mechanical Engineer at the Catholic University of Córdoba.

For 10 years I was linked to the activity of service, maintenance and repair of road machinery, until in 1983 I joined the firm Juan Morellato e Hjos SRL, (diesel laboratory dedicated to the repair of injectors and injectors), with the object of revitalizing this activity.

Immediately I realized that there was a lot to be done in the field of the turbocharger. At that moment the picture was like this:

  • There were few workshops dedicated to the activity; the majority, few reliable, and in general, concentrated in Buenos Aires.
  • The solutions (repair or sale of new turbos), had extremely high cost levels: users ended up removing the turbo from their vehicle.
  • The representatives of the original equipment brands did not support the formation of new service and sales workshops.
  • The possibility of acquiring training on the procedure of repairs and provision of spare parts was practically non-existent.
And there my challenge began: to start an activity that required a solution within our market, which provided favorable growth expectations, and that over time was defined as my passion.

Diesel Lider



Decision to start repairs in our workshops. Adoption of the fantasy name of TURBOLAR to identify this activity.


Contacts with companies in Brazil and Chile, related to the activity, to confirm and consolidate knowledge. Search of suppliers abroad. Development of component parts with own engineering.


Important growth in the activity in repairs. Start of commercialization of parts at the wholesale level, identified with the fantasy name of DELTA P.


The 1st purchase of merchandise is made abroad. This is how the project to supply turbos and parts at the wholesale level begins.


Incorporation to the signature of Mechanical Engineer Alejandro Miguel Lardone, Your contribution will be fundamental for the growth of the Company.


I buy the signature Juan Morellato e Hijos SRL, which is discharged; and I create a new company: DIESEL LIDER S.R.L., in partnership with my wife: Mabel Mercedes Petrini, counting on her an invaluable support for the growth of this enterprise.


The commercial operation begins with BORGHETTI TURBOS, which shortly after will be the manufacturer of the turbo MASTER POWER, fundamental pillar in our commercial growth.


It was decided to create TURBOLAR S.A., Company dedicated exclusively to the repair of turbochargers, which I integrate with my wife, Lic. Mabel M. Petrini, and Ing, Alejandro Miguel Lardone.


It was decided to create MEGADIESEL S.A., Company dedicated exclusively to the repair of Injection Pumps, which I integrate with my wife, Lic. Mabel M. Petrini, and Tec. Mec Carlos Avellaneda.


The first commercial operation is carried out with JRONE, who is today the main commercial ally of Diesel Lider SRL.

In this way, with the creation of these 2 companies dedicated to the repair activities in their respective specialties, the road to DIESEL LIDER S.R.L. to dedicate exclusively to the wholesale trade of turbochargers and parts. Today, after more than 30 years in my activity, and with the support of all my collaborators, I achieve that in Argentina the turbo has a different solution, with a level of commitment towards our customers that is not possible to achieve in the competition.

For all the above, we can assure that DIESEL LIDER S.R.L. is today and will continue to be the main reference in its field in terms of commitment to the market and the support provided to its customers.

With satisfaction and pride Ing. Raúl Rogelio Lardone